Domain Test: Help

verifying domain configuration
(parameter: second-level domain name

Avail.Services: Help

checking the server for access to services from the internet
(parameter: IP address or full server name)

Network Speed Help

тестирование скорости обмена данными в сети
(для запуска тестирования кликните по значку исходящего или входящего трафика)

Proxy: Help
checking the proxy server for anonymous use
(parameters: IP address or proxy server name and port number)

NTP Server: Help

checking NTP server
(parameter: NTP server ip address or domain name)

Nmap Scan : Help

using nmap utility to scan open ports of your IP address
(the parameter is the Internet IP address of your computer)

Domain Test

Domain Test is a tool for complex domain diagnostics. the diagnosis is divided into several stages:
1 stage.
      verify that DNS services are configured correctly for the specified domain. The availability of DNS servers is determined, their names and IP addresses are determined.
2 stage.
      checking the correctness of records of name servers, IP addresses are determined, accessibility is diagnosed.
3 stage.
      checking the version of the domain zones of name servers. For the DNS servers to work correctly, the zone versions must match.
4 stage.
      checking the availability of the web servers in the domain. the IP addresses of the web server are determined, the availability is checked.
5 stage.
      checking the availability of the mail servers of the domain, determining the MX records in DNS, testing the ability to connect to mail servers.


The tool tests the resources of network devices for accessibility from the Internet.
Testing of services is possible:
HTTP - web service
HTTPS - encrypted web service
FTP - ftp service, used to transfer files
SMTP - service for sending e-mail messages (server)
POP3 - service for receiving email messages (user's computer)
IMAP - service for receiving e-mail messages, the ability to manage a mailbox, the ability to store e-mail messages on the server (the user's computer)
NTP - time synchronization server
DNS - Domain Name Server
Telnet - connect to network devices remotely
SSH - connect to network devices remotely. A secure, encrypted communications environment is used
SMTPS - encrypted SMTP connection
POP3S - encrypted POP3 connection
IMAPS - Encrypted IMAP connection
HTTP (8080) - web service, often used through a proxy server
PROXY - proxy server
as well as 5 services, whose port numbers can be set manually.


A proxy server is a dedicated computer or software system running on a computer that acts as an intermediary between a destination device, such as a computer, and another server from which the user or client requests the service. A proxy server can exist on the same computer as the firewall server or it can reside on a separate server that sends requests through the firewall.

The advantage of a proxy server is that its cache can serve all users. If you frequently request one or more Internet sites, they are most likely to be in the proxy cache, which will improve the response time of the user. A proxy server can also register its connections, which can be useful for troubleshooting, as well as restrict access to resources.

The Proxy tool checks the server for the possibility of anonymous connections from computers over the Internet.

NTP Server

The tool tests the operation of the NTP server